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for the economy. and research in motion the company that makes the blackberry last $235 million that was much better than expected and they seem to be somewhat optimistic about the next black bear it opt operating system coming out in their still really rallying over 10 percent this morning. bankamerica regarding its purchase of maryland's three years ago. $2.4 billion. wall street drops off this morning after some gains yesterday right now the dow was lowered by 97 points nasdaq has seventy in the s&p off by nine also this morning to end up apologizing for the new map feature on the iphone 5 that they can have done much better couples shared shares down over half percent. thanks so much. six fidgets get a check on the weather will be the hottest begin receiving quite some time. >>> as their original sin right down to the surface and we have some of the fog sleeping inside the day. 86 in san jose and 48 in the santa rosa as we have throughout the day to day is pretty thick curly on mostly sunny and warm to hot a special inside the bay and the interior valleys getting on the hot cited much ho
that period of time. checking out the stock this morning, up over a half percent. the u.s. economy is up this morning. lately from the feds various regions around the country we've seen a lot of weakness. and that's been a worry some sign. could affect employment. we get the september job's employment this friday. a lot of focus as we kick off fourth quarter. dow finished 4% higher. s&p 6% higher. the s&p is up by 8 points. back to you. >> thanks, jason. >>> and now, for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> we're going to talk to charlie rose who my guess has a little case of rider cup blues on this monday. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: indeed. extraordinary the spirit of the rider cup and the collapse of the americans. a huge disappointment. for me and golf fans got something very special and good to see. ahead also on cbs this morning, lara rides along in afghanistan. what she learned about al-qaida. new revelations from arnold schwarzenegger that you didn't see last night. how he hopes fob forgiven of the affair. and why he wanted to rewrite his famous line i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2